A Logan Avenue Productions presentation

Local Area Network is an upcoming feature film aimed at spreading suicide prevention awareness. It’s a story about family and friends trying to bring a suicidal man back to the light.

We’re currently looking for donations to help with post-production costs! Any donation of any size will help us with editing, sound mixing, and color! Thank you for your interest and support in helping us tell this important tale!

Paul has attempted suicide twice and has been committed to a mental ward, but his best friend, Sam, and others aren’t giving up on him. On Paul’s temporary leave days, they try to keep him off social media and help him get back to real interaction and fun. They organize a LAN party, a D&D party, a fishing trip, and other get-togethers in order to cheer him up. Paul even gets a chance to confront his ex-wife and find a new love, but is all of it enough to bring him back from the darkness?

Inspired by a true story.

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