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Local Area Network is an upcoming feature film aimed at spreading suicide prevention awareness. It’s a story about friends and family trying to bring a suicidal man back to the light. Inspired by a true story, the film is meant to get people thinking about what they can do if they feel hopeless or if they know someone in their life who feels that way. We’re looking for donations to help cover production costs so we can tell this impactful story and distribute it to the world. We have more information about the story and production below!

We’re also donating 10% of any net profits from the film to suicide prevention organizations!

Or mail to:
Logan Avenue Productions LLC
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Amount raised to date: $7,950

Goal: $10,000

Huge thanks to our donors! You’re awesome! Any donation of any size is greatly appreciated! All donors will be thanked in the credits and receive a free copy of the film!

Paul has attempted suicide twice and has been committed to a mental ward, but his best friend, Sam, and others aren’t giving up on him. On Paul’s temporary leave days, they try to keep him off social media and help him get back to real interaction and fun. They organize a LAN party, a D&D party, a fishing trip, and other get-togethers in order to cheer him up. Paul even gets a chance to confront his ex-wife and find a new love, but is all of it enough to bring him back from the darkness?

Local Area Network is inspired by a true story and explores themes about suicide prevention, mental health awareness, human connection, and more. The tone will be that of a straight drama, feeling very real. Yes, it will be sad, but with moments of natural humor and intended catharsis. The story utilizes nostalgia that the Millennial generation in particular can connect with, but that same nostalgia is meant to appeal to all generations. A primary story element is the LAN (Local Area Network) Party, a blast from the past when the internet was not needed to play multiplayer games on the computer. You only needed a few friends, their computers, and some snacks. Everyone can connect with this nostalgia for simpler times when people interacted in person more often. There’s also a clear theme about the youngest generation (who will never know a pre-internet world) needing to disconnect from digital interaction and reconnect with real interaction. All of this feeds into the major theme of human beings reconnecting with each other and caring for one another.

Thank you so much for your interest and support in helping us tell this important tale!

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